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Hand built Stoneware Pottery

I've always loved pottery and have dabbled with it in the past. But since COVID isolation has meant staying at home, it has been a perfect time to get creative with this medium. All pottery is for sale, check my facebook page to stay updated on my latest work and see what's available.

Things we covet

Duo exhibition with Jacqueline Christians

Warburton Arts Centre June-July 2017

Tiffany and Jacqui are two artists who met through Dandenong Ranges Open Studio and have come together to exhibit a collection of artworks. They arranged coveted items representing harmony and nature, mostly found objects, flowers, seeds, ceramics and collectibles. Still life can be composed and static, yet these works explore their differing arts practice through a broad range of art mediums and styles, gestures, marks, colour and texture. In this exhibition these two artists offered the viewer a broad and unique sense of beauty.

Teasels by Tiffany Morris-North
Things we covet exhibition opening
Artwork by Tiffany Morris-North
Things we covet exhibition
Table setting - Tiffany Morris-North
Things we covet exhibition
Artwork by Tiffany Morris-North
Things we covet exhibition
Artwork by Tiffany Morris-North
Things we covet exhibition opening
Proteas by Tiffany Morris-North

Open Studios group exhibition - Duality

Burrinja Cultural Centre April-May 2017

From death...Life" mixed media on wood.

The Australian bush is a contrast in duality

Heat and Cold - Flood and Fire - Death and Life

Many banksias can only release their seeds after fire and the seeds released reap new life.

From death...Life by Tiffany Morris-North

Dandenong Ranges Open Studios weekend - April 29-30 2017

A unique weekend experience giving people the opportunity to meet artists in their working studios.Now in its 14th year, Open Studios present 34 participating studios including Emerging Artists, Collectives and Individual Artists. It is in these curious and inspirational environments that the artist’s creative practice truly comes to life.

Leaf Studios houses a collective of artists, exhibiting their individual works and incorporating their studio space. A visit to Leaf showcases a varied array of art pieces ranging from original ink, pencil, pastel, block/screen printed and painted works, wearable, fibre, resin, metal and ceramic art and mixed media.

END of the line festival

Ephemeral Threads - Crotcheted leaf installation

Belgrave November  2015

Ephemeral Threads installation. This piece is the work of patience and contemplation. A delicate balance of fragility and strength. A study in vulnerability and intricacy. A discovery of light and shadows. A quiet respect of tension and an understanding of the threads that link us together.

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